Testimonial_15I was involved in a nasty accident with my young sports horse, i was kicked in the face leading him to the field, and the horse was sold the next day, i had an operation for major facial injuries. As i got better i decided to try again to get another suitable horse, we trailed the horsey adds, made a lot of phone calls, and even ended up going to halifax to look at a horse which was totally unsuitable, as the dealer told a lot of untruths. The yard manager saw right ride horses via the internet. We told Jasmine what we were looking for, and she knew it would have to be the right horse for me. We visited and saw a couple for sale, then saw a lovely quiet cob in its box. That’s the story of how i have my wonderful new companion, Petal. She’s quiet, willing to learn, perfect. We were so impressed with Jasmine she was honest, let us look around the yard, and make our own minds up. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to purchase a horse. I thought jasmines horses were so reasonably priced too. Thank you once again Jasmine.

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