Cosy is a good weight carrying mare who has lived on a farm almost all of her life so is very use to all kinds of traffic and machinery.

90% of her work has been hacking in company with the other 10% being hacking alone. 

As you can see in video she is great on the roads , hacking alone she can have the odd “I’m not doing that” which we laugh off, but for that reason I’m saying wouldn’t be suitable for a novice. 

She has never really done anything in the school so is totally clueless. I’m sure with time and patience she could be a lovely allrounder but this definitely won’t happen over night. Ok the video link above you can see exactly what level she is at in the arena. 

She has come to us to find a new postcode as she’s been bought for a young teenage girl as an allrounder however they have decided they want something more proven as haven’t the time. 

Good to catch / shoe / load / stable etc 

She is very reasonably priced as you can’t find a 76 year old donkey for this price at the minute

Based Whitchurch, Shropshire 

Open to any vetting / trainer 

07776258305 – 07825392540

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