This is a very sad ⛵️ of a true proven horse. His current owners have had the most brilliant time with him over the last few years, however sadly due to going to university soon he must find a new 🏠. To name a few of his achievements in the last few years;

🌟 Competed for Wales and West Midlands at the u18 National Eventing championships.

🌟  1st Eland lodge British Eventing

🌟 Won the Cheshire Shield area eventing competition

🌟 2nd at the Pony Club Regional Championships

🌟 Qualified for the Pony Club National Championships in both Tetrathlon and Eventing.

🌟Numerous top 5 placings British Eventing

As you can see Remmi is a BE90/BE100, BSJA and dressage schoolmaster. He loves to go out to clinics, rallies and competing.

Remmi was on the Pony Club teams for Showjumping, eventing and dressage so that alone speaks for itself!

He has won local Open Working Hunter classes and he’s been to multiple eventing camps.

He also has a huge love for hunting and has hunted with many packs over the last few years where he has been extremely mannerly and jumped everything he was asked.

Remmi isn’t the sort of horse that wants to be pampered with and mithered. He wants you to get on and do a job. His perfect lifestyle would be hacking all week and then competing at the weekend, with lots of turnout. He doesn’t want to go around the school 4 times a week or get hammered over fences ready for a show, he gets really bored of this and you can just tell he’s not enjoying it and switches off. He does also pull horrible faces in his stable and hates attention. Out and about and in the wagon / trailer he’s great to handle.

If you’re wanting a horse to groom and pet and cuddle he isn’t for you. If your wanting a horse you can go out with at the weekend and win with little prepping in between then you will love him!

The current owners have had Remmi since their daughter was 14 and he has taught her everything she knows about competing.

He loves hacking alone and in company and seen all types of traffic. He also adores farm rides etc.

He’d be a great mother / daughter / son share for a parent wanting to hack and a teenager wanting to compete / hunt (or visa versa).

Remmi is very reasonably 💰 as his owners want him to find the perfect partner and want a quick no stress ⛵️. He is a grumpy bugger which is reflected in his 💰. Horses like him are double this 💰 so he’s an absolute bargain!

7️⃣9️⃣9️⃣5️⃣ ono

Open to vetting / trainers

Based Whitchurch, Shropshire 

07776258305 / 07825392540

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