Pennie Drummond

‘Tigger joined our family and he has been a pleasure to own. He was initially bought for my son to jump (which was what he was advertised for) but we were also looking for a back up pony to turn a hand at mounted games. However, on my daughters return from University over the Xmas period he was soon commandeered by her so now I have two children fighting over him! Searching for a new pony is quite an ordeal, particularly when you have a son who doesn’t like riding strange ponies in front of people, but Jasmine and her team made us feel very relaxed and welcome and didn’t bat an eye-lid when we brought out the games equipment to try Tigger with. In fact Tara (who rode Tigger first) soon tacked up another pony and joined in the fun! I know that when the time comes and we need a 14.2 my first port of call will be to phone Jasmine.’ Pennie Drummond

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