Lucy Charlesworth

Testimonial_5After a 3 hour journey, the original horse we went to see at Jasmine’s yard had just been sold as we arrived. So as not to waste our time, Jasmine was honest and extremely helpful in letting us look at some more horses that she had on site. One of which, Tinca we were instantly taken with. My boyfriend and I tried her that day and left Jasmine’s stables for home, impressed by this beautiful and talented horse. It took us a couple of weeks to decide that she was the right horse for us but once we did, Jasmine was very efficient and Tinca arrived with us the next day, with a part exchange for another horse we had. Since we received Tinca, she has proved to be the perfect horse – she is fantastic in traffic, with children, showing massive promise in any area she tries and has become firm friends with our other mare, Dallas. It became obvious that Jasmine cares a lot about the horses she sells, and this was demonstrated with the very detailed email about all of Tinca’s likes and dislikes. She truly is an amazing horse and we couldn’t thank Jasmine enough for all her assistance throughout, being in regular contact with her ever since. Jasmine has always been available for us to talk to when we have required it and has been a pleasure to deal with overall. We would definitely buy another horse from her. Lucy Charlesworth

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