Testimonial_81Just received this lovely email from Alan and Liz. Liz is a small animal vet and has been searching for a horse for a long time, when we rang them to tell them we had the perfect horse for them they didn’t believe us. Here is a lovely update…

I am not on Facebook otherwise I would have posted it there but feel free to do so.

I just wanted to thank you for finding Goliath for me , he has just turned out to be absolutely perfect as you said. I had given up looking for a horse after two disasters and two failed vettings, but Alan persevered and got in contact with you. When you said you had the perfect horse I didn’t believe you as we had been so let down by dealers and private sellers alike. We came to see him and your staff were great I didn’t want anything above my ability and when I explained what I wanted to do I was told I wasn’t actually looking for a happy hacker at all !  Something Alan had been saying all along.

After a thorough vetting – your staff were very patient, he came to live with us, he copes with a beginner in Alan putting rugs and tack on badly and his patience knows no bounds. As you said he was safe and sane will go anywhere and do anything. He has totally restored my confidence and I am having so much fun. I can’t thank right ride enough you are all very professional not pushy at all and are a pleasure to deal with I have already passed your details on and would be delighted to recommend you. Liz

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