Testimonial_7Over the period of a few months, we have bought 4 horses/ponies off Jasmine. They are all lovely, well tempered and capable for our needs. They are all used for a mixture of fun rides and competing and most of the time they come home with Rosettes. They range from 12.2 to 16.0 and are ridden by our children who vary from beginner to intermediate riders. The first horse we bought of Jasmine (our first horse ever!) was not suitable for us, which we only found out about 2 months later after getting used to owning a horses and getting more of an idea what we needed. When we contacted Jasmine for help, she offered to take the horse back and to find us a “replacement” horse which suited us much better. We had pleasant dealings with her and we are still in touch, even though we’ve got now more horses than we ever intended to have!¬†Kathi

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