Helen Brumfitt

Testimonial_41I had been searching for a new horse to suit me for a while when I discovered Right Ride Horses run by Jasmine. After getting in touch and explaining what I wanted Jasmine told me about several of her horses that may suit my needs and answered numerous questions about them for me. I was met at her yard by her groom who was more than helpful, I viewed the horses and after trying many of them, I finally I decided on Yogi although being a very nervous rider I wanted to make sure I was confident on her. Jasmine said I could take her on a hack, I was so nervous I was shaking but Jasmines groom led the way on another of their horses and by the time we were on our way back I was brave enough to have a trot down the drive. After this I bombarded Jasmine with many questions over the course of a week to ensure Yogi was definitely right for me and Jasmine patiently answered them all honestly and quickly. Two weeks on and Yogi and I have already been out to a show and been placed already jumping, my confidence has suddenly reappeared and Yogi is everything that she was said to be and more. Thank you Right Ride! Helen Brumfitt

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