Testimonial_27I found right ride horse on the internet after scrolling through horse after horse trying to find the perfect one ! I found jasmine and looked up her web page and Facebook she had really good feedback so I decided to contact Jasmine right away. Upon contacting Jasmine she was very helpful after riding 15 years myself I knew exactly what I wanted however jasmine kindly assisted me and listened to what I wanted via email I also explained I’d have to sell 2 of mine first or part ex if she’d be willing too, jasmine was very honest and helpful and invited me down. Once I arrived at the yard I was welcomed by one of Jasmines staff as Jasmine couldn’t be there. She was very friendly and helpful and showed me all of Jasmines horses , whilst there i fell in love with her mare Concorde. I knew after riding her she was what I wanted, later that evening I contacted jasmine she has a great knowledge of all her horses and told me in detail about Concorde I was thrilled and we had a deal. The buying process throughout was friendly and considerate no like the majority of dealers! Jasmine had been brilliant answering any questions I have etc and provides good aftercare also .. I’m glad I bought a horse from her and know in the future I will come to Jasmine first. Thank you

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