Monty Grey

Full up 12.2HH 14Year Old Grey Gelding 

Lead rein / Pony club 2nd pony

Pre-covid Monty was a valued member of the Centre Parcs team used to take holiday goers trekking on lead rein. 

Monty has mainly been used as a lead rein pony, he has now been with us for a number of months and is proving to be a versatile little pony. 

He’s been ridden in the arena and out hacking on lead rein by children of all ages. Happily pops around a small course of jumps on lead rein. 

He hasn’t done much off lead rein previously but is proving to really enjoy it and is showing a real talent over a fence. Monty would require a competent jockey to be ridden off the lead rein and to bring him on as he has only done lead rein in the past. I imagine would be a cracking pony club / hunting pony with a little education. 

He has been ridden off the lead rein by my 8yo but I cannot sell him as a proven off lead rein pony. 

Good to do in all ways, lives in or out.

The kids can catch up, groom him etc. 

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