16.3hh 13yr old Irish Sports Horse Mare


watch this video and you will see why we love her…

If your after a confidence giving safe pleasurable horse to take on fun rides, go hunting on, hack down the busiest of roads or do local riding club on then lily is for you! 

You can not find horses like lily anymore!

Never ever sharp / fizzy or strong a real easy mare  

Hunted every season with Anglesey Hunt. She has been a masters horse and she has hunted in the field. She is a very mannerly and easy hunter who just keeps at the same rhythm to a fence. A steady and laid back type who you will have a pleasurable day on. She’s not a thrusters horse.

An absolute saint to hack alone and in company in the heaviest of traffic. Whether alone, with one horse or in a large group she’s the same.

Been on numerous fun rides recently and we can’t fault her! Has never got silly or strong – just an easy ride. Happy for horses to gallop past her and she will just carry on trotting steadily.

Works in a shape on the flat and jumping around a course of show jumps.

She loves XC and never gets silly, just goes in her own steady rhythm.

Genuinely can’t fault this mare to ride, she has been hacking and jumping with my 7yr old 2.5 stone son on! 

She is obviously a hunter that has done a job for many years so has a few scars etc, never going to be a show horse, but worth her weight in gold for safety. 

She can be a tad bolshy on the ground, nothing horrendous but she’s a big girl and she knows it, would never run off when your trying to turn her out or anything like that just a bit rude in my eyes as she’s in your face and personal space. Just being totally honest! 

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